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HitSend Invoicing Integrations HitSend Invoicing Integrations HitSend Invoicing Integrations HitSend Invoicing Integrations

Popular invoicing options

Link invoices created in popular accounting software to your HitSend projects and the integrated paywall

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Create your own invoice

Create invoices with HitSend and choose how you accept payments, all while keeping your files safe

Process your way

HitSend Google Documents Integrations

Deposit Invoice

Collect a downpayment from clients before starting. If a deposit is required, clients must pay the deposit before they can approve the project.

HitSend Google Contacts Integrations

Approval Invoice

Require a payment from clients to mark the project as approved and trigger the paywall to release files once the amount has been paid.

HitSend Google Security

General Invoice

Bill extra or miscellaneous items at any time in the project that won't affect the deposit or approval status of the project.

HitSend Invoicing Integrations

Work internationally

Create invoices with 97 supported currencies and accept payment from 135+ countries around the world

Show your brand

Add your own logo and color scheme to invoices created in HitSend

HitSend Invoice Branding


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