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"HitSend has improved my mix approval quality and efficiency. Clients listen to mixes in WAV quality anywhere, leave comments which I can bring back into my DAW, then pay and download the master automatically. It's everything the pro mix or mastering engineer needs to handle a project and get paid, I LOVE IT!"

"I love the way the app has a customisable branded look that immediately gives a professional feel & look to a client / artist, it’s straightforward to give them a secure link that they can intuitively access, leave comments on mix revisions and I can directly authorise downloads."

"There are many file delivery systems, this is the first designed for music delivery and gathering feedback directly on the system. It’s a great way to deliver mixes and get direct feedback from Clients. Easy to setup, and easy to use. Gapless playback is amazing! I highly recommend it."

"Its great that I can handle all my mixing and mastering revisions, tracks and invoices from one central place instead of sending invoices from PayPal and using Dropbox or WeTransfer. Plus I can create invocies to send to people abroad who don't have PayPal or Venmo."

"Hitsend is the absolute best and most comprehensive platform for mixing and mastering engineers to handle all their projects, revisions and payments. Having everything in one place that is easy to navigate for both the engineer and client is a game changer"

"Professional work deserves professional delivery to clients when it leaves the studio. HitSend’s slick user interface and expansive functionality shows my clients that our work is top-notch from beginning to end."

"HitSend has been a game changer in delivering mixes. Artist's ability to comment directly on the timeline of the audio file has saved me days of emailing back and forth. I can run multiple projects and have all my mix notes in the same place without having to remember which messaging system I used with each artist."

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Easy to use

A simple and intuitive user experience for your clients when providing feedback and making payments


Serious security

Protect your projects and your clients with private secure logins and password protected links


Clearly professional

Stay organized and on schedule with all of your projects, files, and feedback in one place

Use cases





Collect timecoded feedback on each version


Get paid directly from the player screen

Custom Branding

Custom brand your workspace for clients

Gapless Playback

Ditch your DDP player with gapless playback


Review metadata and credits in the player

Project Deliverables

Deliver the final files upon approval

Track Versioning

Stack version 1 to 21 until you get it right


Import directly from Dropbox or Google Drive

Unlimited sharing

Unlimited sharing for collaboration and creation

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