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Protect your clients and your work with industry leading security standards

Best Practices

HitSend follows the guidelines set out by the Motion Picture Association of America® and the Content Delivery & Security Association Music Recording Studio Security Program best practices for digital media assets to protect our users and to further advance the protection of the music industry for producers, artists, film scorers, songwriters, mixing, and mastering engineers

HitSend Project Members

VIP treatment

Personally invite your clients and collaborators to join the project so you know exactly who has access to your project, and what permissions they're allowed

Complete Control

HitSend Commenting Restrictions


Decide who can leave feedback so you don't have to deal with bands fighting over revision notes ever again

HitSend Approval Restrictions


Determine who has the authority to give the final signoff and mark the project as completed

HitSend Download Restrictions


Individual download permissions let you control who can download files and when the files become available

HitSend OAuth and 2 Factor Authentication

OAuth & 2 factor authentication

Private logins for each user leveraging Google OAuth 2.0 and Google 2 Factor Authentication for login ensure your account can't be hacked by brute force

Payment protection

Protect your work with the HitSend Paywall to ensure clients don't walk with the files before they've paid their balance

HitSend Paywall

Company Standards

HitSend Personnel Security


HitSend utilizes employee heirarchy security and restrictions standards to user assets to ensure that your files can't be leaked or accessed internally.

HitSend Data Privacy

Data Privacy

HitSend is committed to protect you, your clients and all information associated with any of your personal and professional details from 3rd parties.

HitSend Compliance Checklist


HitSend complies with global and industrial regulations to protect you, your data, and your clients across the entire HitSend infrastrucutre.

HitSend Server Uptime

Server uptime

HitSend is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure your files are always available with virtually zero downtime and all your assets are secured with industry leading security standards.

Database encryption

HitSend utilizes heavy duty server side 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standards on all assets at rest along with SSL/HTTPS protection for all user sessions and interactions

HitSend Database Encryption

Our professional commitment

Your work matters, and you should never have to worry about it getting stolen, leaked, deleted, or any other security issue. This is why HitSend continually strives to deliver the best possible security and protection to provide you peace of mind.

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