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Provide your clients with the most unforgettable experience

HitSend Branding HitSend Custom Branding
HitSend Email Branding

You got mail

Automated emails with your logo, color scheme and studio name on all client correspondance

Reply @your email

Automated emails come from your business email address so when clients hit the reply button it goes directly to you

HitSend Custom Email Address

Invoice branding

Add your logo, color scheme, and business name to invoices you create

Josh #000017 Ghost Hearts Invoice On receipt Due date Invoiced Billed to Jun 12, 2021 Amount Due $5,120.00 Due: Today Record City Pro Mastering Inc. Pay now
Try out your custom color
HitSend Splash Page Branding

Splash page

Show of your brand, studio, awards, or anything else when using the player link

Album Art

Give clients a preview of what their album will look like once it's released

HitSend Album Art Display

Unparalled professional branding

HitSend Add Your Logo

Custom Logo

Leave your mark for all to see by adding your own custom logo

HitSend Studio Name

Brand Name

Stay professional by displaying your brand name

HitSend Color Picker

Color Palette

Match your logo by setting a primary color for buttons

Stay top of mind with your clients

Show your true colors